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16 August 2010

Goodness! its already august. This means the summer's almost over and school will start in a week :'(
Well I need to give a shout out to Nakajima Yuto (HSJ). He turned 17 on Aug. 10th. I wasn't here to post this. Tanjobi Omodeto! Gomen ne!
Today is also G.E.M's birthday! 生日快樂!!! 19 歲 la!
Coming back from Richmond, BC made me realize that I really want to go back! Here are some of the most amazing things there.
  • The weather is perfect in the summer! Mid 70's with nice, cool, fresh breeze.
  • No need for English! (esp. not in Richmond) Everybody pretty much speaks Cantonese. (some mandarin, japanese, and korean)
  • The food is really good. They have a range of food from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, ect. They also have fresh seafood.There are McDonalds, Wendy's, and Burger Kings if you don't like that stuff. These are mostly from Cantonese style restaurants. I don't remember all the names of the restaurants, one of them is No.9 Restaurant.
奶茶 (milke tea)Eggs, ham, ramen Breakfast
Buttered Toast Seafood Congee and seafood 炒麵 (chow mien)
豬紅 (Pig Blood) with Greens OnionFat Noodles w/soy sauce
Italian/Asian Pasta dish菠蘿包
蘿蔔糕 Fried Radish CakeWonton Mein
Chicken Congee炒麵 Chow Mien腸粉 (fat noodles)姜蔥龙虾 (ginger and green onion lobster)
锅仔稻 Chicken (top left) and the meat used in the pot of rice (bottom right)Kind of like sweet and sour chickenChicken, duck, and porkSa de 牛肉Dim sum

  • A lot of things are in walking distance from your hotel. There are a lot of Asian themed malls and North American malls 3 min from the hotel. There are possibly 10 different Asian restaurants (big and small) within 5 min. There were 3 big main Asian malls:
  1. Aberdeen - big, but clothing is a little expensive. There's a 2 Canadian dollar store where everything is $2 (around $2 in US)
Aberdeen Centre Behind the tiger is the $2 store
The Lamborghini storeTotal of 3 floors w/ tons of stores and boutiques Store windows of 1 of many boutiques
Water Fountain that sprays to music
Food CourtFood Court
Aberdeen Centre

        2. Parker Place - its smaller than Aberdeen, but cheaper and there are more traditional Asian food. 
Wonton mein with fish balls and 豬紅 Hello Kitty Keyboard that types chinese, japanese, and english

Parker PlaceParker Place
Vietnamese Pork and rice with fish sauce

        3. Yaohan- Japanese mall. There's not a lot of cloths shopping, but there is a huge supermarket inside.
Marketcart/basket mix!market

  • The place seems very relaxed. People literally take 5 min to walk across the street. Stores close earlier than America. Nice weather.
  • There's this event in the summer called Richmond Summer Night Market and it's one of the best things in Richmond! There are dozens of vendors (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, ect) that serve amazing food and drinks. The only bad thing is it's extremely crowded.
Korean - sliced fried sweet potatoes on a stick. They're amazing!Korean - Sliced fried sweet potatoes on a stick. after they're cooked
Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada at a smoothies boothJapanese squid ballsJapanese squidballs after they're cooked咖哩魚丸 (Curry Fishballs)It's super crowded!Korean BBQ boothBun with sauce (sorry its upside down)

  • Interesting houses. The houses are defiantly different. Some houses r brightly colored and some are huge. The U.S has some of these houses where the 2nd floor is the main floor and the 1st floor are extra bedrooms, laundry room, storage rooms, etc.
  • If you like a lot of people, but not as much as hong kong, this is the place for you. There are a lot of people walking or waiting for the bus, but its not crowded where you have to push pass ppl to get to the place you want.
  • Richmond Olympic Oval. Its the place where speed skaters competed during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Apparently they made it into a gym where ppl can get membership to workout. They took out all the ice and made it into badminton and basketball courts. They also made sprint tracks and stuff.
  • Grouse Mountain - It has beautiful scenery and shows. You can ride cable cars up to the halfway mark of the mountain. Once you get there you can pay to go up a wind energy generator to look at the view or pay to zip line/para-glide down the mountain.You can also hike the whole mountain. I would advise to go April or May because you can stand in the snow while you wear shorts! During the summer it's kind of hot and the sun's very powerful. Sunscreen!
Grouse MountainFrom the Cable cars
Grouse MountainOne of the shows there about lumberjacks
People getting ready to zip line
bearsGrouse Mountain


20 July 2010

Wow its already July and half way done with summer break... I'm going to go to Vancouver soon so I need to say a few early birthdays!
Happy early Birthday to Hyungmin from Dae Guk Nam Ah. He will be 19 on July 22nd!
Happy early Birthday to Alexander from U-Kiss. He will be 22 on July 29th!

I have to go now so I'll leave this post short! 

Ichigo Star

28 June 2010

It feels like i haven't posted in a super long time! So S. Korea and US is out of the Top 16 (no... ='(  ) If you don't know what I'm talking about its the World Cup. Japan still has to play tomorrow so let's support them to win against Paraguay! Gambatte!

AND! Its Karam and Mikka (from Dae Guk Nam Ah)'s birthday! They r exactly 1 year older than each other! Happy Birthday!!!!
that's a great way to celebrate their newest single 'Stumble Stumble' which is really amazing! 
I just remembered a moment ago that tomorrow (or today in Korea) is Dongho's (U-Kiss) birthday! and he's turning 16! Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!!

there are only a couple more days until I get to go to CANADA!!! So I can't wait!

Actually that's all! 

Ichigostar ♥

9 June 2010

Yay! Its finally summer! 
So I'm going to take the ACT this weekend :P and so I'm stuck at home study my butt off. As of right now my brain is on the verge of exploding! This post will mostly be about whats on my mind b4 it explodes.

1. I just finished downloading songs from Vincy Chen (a singer from Hong Kong) =)
2. After 4 hours of studying, I finished 2 books in 2 days. Saving Juliet and The Summer I Turned Pretty which were both pretty good
3. I need to download more songs like Super Junior's Bonamana, Zhang Yi Lin's Timelesss, Nishino Kana's Best Friend, BY2's new album, ect, ect
4. I just found out the Pretty Little Liars book series is going to be a TV show on abc Family....weird
5. I'm almost done with the Korean drama Personal Preference/Personal Taste which is very very good. and i'm going to start  on Oh! My Lady after ACT's.
6. I just finished my honor's piano recital and spring recital with success !
7. I'm really excited to go to Canada this summer ; )
8. I'm also excited for 2010 World Cup in South Africa!!! GO TEAM SOUTH KOREA!!!!!
9. I haven't posted a birthday shout out in a while so the next shout out will be for Mikka♥ and Karam♥ from korean band Dae Guk Nam Ah 
10. I have to get back to study b4 my parents get angry... so wish me luck!

♫Ichigo Star♪

9 May 2010

Wow! There's only like 2 weeks of school left plus finals (ugghh!) and then SUMMER VACATION! I think this is one of my busiest summers. I have ACT/SAT classes, volunteering, swim, and a bunch of other stuff...but thats good right?

But on the other hand, today's Yamada Ryosuke's 17th Birthday! Yay! Omedetou gozaimasu Yama-chan! ;) 

On the kpop side of things, FT ISLAND debuted their song in Japan called "Flower Rock" and I def. loved it! I liked their hair esp. Minwhan's. I found a love for this F(x) song called NU ABO. It just came out a couple dayz ago and its pretty catchy...mostly the dance. I also heard that Wondergirls are getting ready to come out with a new album/song! and i can't wait for that!!! There's also a bunch of other groups/artists that are coming out with new song/albums this month, so yay!!!

Well I best be working on my final packets! Bye!

Ichigo Star

Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

Stickers (the cute asian ones :) ) and stamps (usually from different countries or the limited time ones)

15 April 2010

Ooh! Its really nice outside! I might just take a walk after this journal entry. But tomorrow might not be as nice...its going to rain...yuck...
Well, to start off today is Daiki Arioka's Birthday!! Happy Birthday! What a year for him too! He graduated high school and turned the brilliant number 19. :)
Uh, the bad news is that I apparently have an honor's piano recital...which is on the big stage and memorized piece...considering that I have a memory of a goldfish...hopefully it'll work out! 

I got to go 4 now! Sayonara!

Tanjoubi omedetou!

 It's getting really late, but I just wanted give a shout out to Morimoto Ryutaro (HSJ). Tanjoubi Omedetou gozaimasu!!!!! Yay! he's turning 15 today! But u gotta love the pic...their facial expressions r so cute!
Well i better finish my homework...or do it during homeroom.... hehe^^

1 April 2010

Ah! Finally its warm outside! To start off today's April Fool's Day... nothing out of the ordinary happened cuz even I didn't remember xD But on the other hand, today's Keito Okamoto's (Hey Say Jump) Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Keito!
Yesterday I didn't write (I haven't written on here for like 2 weeks) but it was Jay's (D-NA) birthday! Happy Belated brithday!!!!!!!! I think thats all for now! Signing off.

Ichigo Star 


 Ok so Im new to Live Journal, so I'm going to try my best! If someone needs help with translating Cantonese dramas, please inform me and I'll see what I can do!

Oh I don't get very many updates on Hey Say Jump, so please inform me on that too!

Thank you!